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​​​​JEFFREY J. LEFKO has combined a professional healthcare management career with a passion for writing children’s stories for his own family to be shared and enjoyed by other families. All of Jeff’s life lesson stories offer special messages and meanings- with themes ranging from understanding how to make this a better world and how each of us can make a difference in our lives.  His books speak to virtually every child and family. 
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ABOUT JEFF LEFKO BOOKS,  an Imprint of United Writers Press. 

Jeff Lefko Books is a unique healthcare communications company focused on health-related stories to universalize the often complex and difficult realities of condition management and everyday health, making them more relatable and digestible for younger readers and audiences at large. 

Jeff Lefko Books has developed a partnership with GoMo Health® which delivers digital therapeutic solutions that integrate psycho-social care and resources to create a precise and personalized physical and behavioral care plan. Through this partnership, Jeff Lefko Books will be working with healthcare providers to expand upon their branded storytelling materials to extend their reach through print and digital formats.

The integration of the
  GoMo Health’s Personal Concierge™ into the Jeff Lefko Books
collection enables the seamless introduction of a virtual care coordinator that offers interactive and personalized guidance for patients through their healthcare journey. This not only increases depth of engagement and relatability to these materials, it ensures that children, caregivers, and providers can access valuable healthcare management resources on demand.