Jeff Lefko Books

Maternal Child Health, Language and Literacy Evidence Based Digital Therapeutic Extends Reach of Traditional Patient Support Program


Jeff Lefko Books and GoMo Health have announced a partnership to build upon the traditional print-based storytelling approach to meet healthcare organizations’ needs in both print and digital formats. Extending the momentary reach of hospital-branded traditional print books into a bridged communication to digital outreach, this partnership will further extend the sponsoring hospital’s brand to the female head of household decision-maker target audience, with the goal of increased patient retention and communication post-discharge; proactively addressing potential post-discharge complications and medical and emergency department readmissions.  

The integration of the
GoMo Health’s virtual Personal Concierge into Jeff Lefko Books’ current health and life lesson stories enables sponsoring hospitals and health systems a creative pathway to continue to remotely connect with parents, empowering them with a go-to resource as they begin the new journey of parenting and family caretaking.

The collaborative effort will initially focus on improving maternal and child health outcomes, nurturing parents, caregivers and children’s physical, psychological, language, and literacy development using BehavioralRx®, the
GoMo Health’s evidence-based behavioral engagement method that leverages cognitive and psychological techniques to encourage and empower patients to activate their own self-care. The reality is there are amazing and inspiring things happening in healthcare every day that, if conveyed through proper storytelling, can be a game-changing resource for the patient experience and engagement. Jeff Lefko Books and GoMo Health are working together to leverage the power of storytelling to help more and more patients.